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Mi-Sook Hur

Artist Statement

My work is a vehicle for expressing my love of nature, and it reveals personal secrets pertaining to nature. Working with forms from nature allows me to reconnect with it. Moreover, they remind me of the important role that humans play in nature. It is my hope that my work evokes a feeling of connection to nature in viewers and that it will raise awareness of the importance of nature conservation.

I am an observer of the natural world, including human life. Nature fascinates me, as it constantly changes and repeats each season to continue the cycle of life. I borrow forms from nature, particularly birds and feathers for my work. The choice of materials and techniques involved in my work is varied. I work with many materials, including sterling, copper, brass, pewter, steel, plastic, wood, resin, paper, and found objects, to construct my piece. I am a very traditionally trained metalsmith and jewelry maker. Many of my pieces can be worn as jewelry or be displayed on a wall.

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